♦ T R A C K S ♦

  1. What is this conference about?
    The conference is intended to bring the parishes of our region together in order to cater to the unique spiritual needs of our various groups, ranging from Sunday School students and youths to young adults and parents, with each group's program being organized by their respected regional organization. A combined conference of this kind will encourage families hailing from Seattle, and Northern California, to SoCal and Phoenix, to all participate together, bringing a deeper fellowship at each organizational level.

  2. Who is organizing this conference?
    The hosting organizations, Regional Youth Fellowship, Regional Sunday School, Regional Sevika Sanghom, and Regional Yuvajana Sakhyam are taking the lead in coordinating volunteers across multiple parishes. But the goal is to put on a conference for all Marthomites of the Western Region, regardless of involvement in any of the specific organizations.

  3. Who can attend the conference?
    As long as one is a member of a Mar Thoma Church Parish or Congregation in the Western Region, the conference is open to all, regardless of membership or participation in any of the hosting regional organizations.

  4. Do I have to be a member of Sevika Sanghom or Yuvajana Sakhyam or Young Families to Attend the Men or Womens Tracks?
    No, the Men's Track and Women's Track is open to all adults, regardless of organizational affiliation or lack thereof.

  5. What language will the main talks be in?
    To appeal to the widest audience of all ages, all the main talks will primarily be in English.

♦ R E G I S T R A T I O N ♦

  1. What is the registration fee?
    (* Memorial Day promotion: PayPal processing fee is waived through May 27)
    The registration fee is as below:
    Track On-site Commuter
    Kids (4yrs-entering 5th grade) $135 $105
    Juniors (entering 6th-entering 10th grade) $140
    Youth (entering 11th grade-35yrs) $140
    Men $140 $105
    Women $140 $105

  2. What forms are required to register?
    Three forms are required for registration to be complete: Registration Form, Conference Waiver Form, and APU Waiver Form. If registering online, the two waiver forms must still be printed and sent to the registration e-mail address. A picture of the signed forms can be uploaded if a scanner is not available.

  3. Where do I check in?
    Park at the east end of Lot A near Trinity Hall, or Lot D. Check-in will be at Trinity Hall and all housing is in Engstrom Hall. The Friday evening service will be in Munson Chapel at 7:30pm.
    Location within campus

♦ F O O D ♦

  1. Will dinner be provided on Friday?
    Since delegates will be arriving at different times, the APU cafeteria will be closed for Friday dinner so we encourage local delegates to eat dinner before arriving; however, we will provide snacks and pizza for anyone unable to eat before hand.

  2. Are there any food restaurants nearby?
    There are plenty of food restaurants near the venue such as Chick-Fil-A, Pieology Pizzeria, Ramen Naruto, Panda Express, etc.

  3. What meals are included in my fee?
    Friday night: snacks and beverages, but no cafeteria dinner. Saturday: breakfast, lunch, and dinner in APU cafeteria. Sunday: breakfast snacks will be provided and lunch in APU cafeteria.

♦ H O U S I N G ♦

  1. What does the housing arrangement look like?
    The APU dorm rooms are a Jack and Jill setup. Each room accommodates 2 people in one room, with a shared bathroom between every two rooms. So there will be one bathroom shared by 4 people. Visual room layout is provided below.
    Room layout

  2. Are linens provided if I stay at APU housing?

  3. Are roomates assigned?
    Delegates in the Junior or Youth track will have rooms and roommates assigned to them, to facilitate fellowship between parishes, with male and females housed largely in separate wings (depending on room availability). Those in the Mens, Womens, and Kids tracks will be housed as families.

  4. Is there adult supervision for the Juniors and Youth under 18?
    Chaperones will be arranged and will be housed near the students to monitor behavior and provide assistance at all times during the night.

♦ C O M M U T I N G ♦

  1. What is a "Commuter" vs "On-Site" Delegate?
    Delegates who will be staying overnight in the APU dorm rooms are considered "on-site" whereas delegates who plan to come in the morning, attend meals and all tracks of the conference, but return to their homes at night are "commuter" delegates. There is different pricing depending on which option is chosen.

  2. Are "commuter" delegates allowed to eat meals at the APU cafeteria?
    Yes, part of the registration fee includes being included in the cafeteria meal plan.

  3. If I am not a delegate of the conference, can I come for Holy Qurbana on Sunday?
    Arrangements are still being made to have a public Holy Qurbana service on Sunday that is open to non-delegates. However, those arriving for service only will have to pay out of pocket for access to lunch at the cafeteria afterward.

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